6 ways to ace your first day at your new job

6 ways to ace your first day at your new job

21 Feb 11:00 by Elena Joannides


Congratulations, you got it! But just when you thought the scary bit was over and done with, it’s time for your first day.

Arrive on time and by on time I mean 5 mins early, it is best to be logged on by your official start time, rather than have just entered the building. Try to make sure you’ve done the journey to work at work time so you can account for traffic, don’t just rely on google maps.

Smile – Look like you want to be there, the chances of anyone at your new workplaces smiling and being friendly towards you are greatly increased if you make the first move by giving them a smile first. This is also part of a fake it till you make it attitude, you will be happier at work if you make a conscious effort to look like you are, this goes for face to face contact with colleagues and  clients, but also a smile before you answer the phone helps vastly how you come across.

Ask questions – Maybe this is exactly the same role you have done before, but don’t assume you know how it works round here. People love sharing their knowledge, let them, and encourage them. Ask co-workers if they have any tips about settling in, they will remember what their own first day was like, they might even have a funny anecdote to tell you than might send your nerves away!

Offer to put the kettle on – I cannot shout enough about how much this will get you onside with your new team. It shows that you don’t think you are above any job, that you think of others, and that you have a skill that wasn’t discovered at interview stage. Whatever you do, do not stroll in on your first day, demanding a complicated drinks order at the first person you see.

Don’t be too hard on yourself – Take some Jess Glynne wisdom. You won’t be expected to know everything straight away, remember you were hired for a reason.