Do’s and Don’t’s: Interview tips for recruiters

Do’s and Don’t’s: Interview tips for recruiters

15 Mar 10:00 by Elena Joannides

  • Don’t try to throw them off. You want to try to get the best out of the candidate, who is most likely somewhat nervous. Do put them at ease, repeat and rephrase questions where necessary.

  • Do offer your candidate a drink and ask them how they are/how their journey was. Don’t just dive straight into the interview, or dump them into the interview room without a word while you prepare.

  • Don’t keep them waiting, remember that as much as the candidate has to impress you, if you decide they are the one and offer them the role, they are the one who is then in control, so it is important that you sell yourself, the company and the role to them. Do show them what you expect from an employee; punctuality.

  • Do make sure your interview room is set up well in advance of your candidate arriving, don’t lead them into a room with leftover coffee from hours/days before, or notes from the last interview you held etc.

  • Do ask about their life outside of work, whilst it may not seem immediately relevant, it will help you to find out whether the candidate will be a good culture fit for your working environment. Don’t assume that you can get everything you need from their professional qualifications and work history.

  • Do make sure you’re aware of everything you need to know about the candidate prior to their interview, maybe they sell themselves to you straight away but don’t let yourself get carried away with gut instincts unless you want to find out post offer that actually they want part time when you are recruiting for a full time role.