Didn't get the job? Here's 6 tips to help you recover

Didn't get the job? Here's 6 tips to help you recover

27 Mar 12:00 by Elena Joannides

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Rejection is difficult but don't let it halt your job search, you got this. 

  1. Take some time, no longer than a day, to process and grieve. It can be traumatic but worse things have happened, so take the day, and no more.

  2. Remember, getting that job could take 30 applications, and does for many people, it is not always a reflection on you, more the competitive job market.

  3. However, request feedback where possible and try and think about how you can improve in your next interview.

  4. Stay positive, make a list of all the ways you did well, it is unlikely that your whole interview was a trainwreck, a list of the positives will give you some confidence to go into your next interview with.

  5. Analyse what it was about the job you were so keen on, which bits you can look for elsewhere. Was it the Big company? Great location? Small close knit team?

  6. Get back on the horse!