6 warning signs your candidate isn’t who they say they are

6 warning signs your candidate isn’t who they say they are

17 May 13:00 by Elena Joannides

  1. Does their CV have any large unexplained gaps in employment? Gaps in CVs are often easily explainable, but if the candidate is reluctant to give reasons this is a warning sign.

  2. Are they hesitant to give references? If so, it is possible that there would be discrepancies in their reason for leaving, dates of employment, and it could even raise the question of whether they worked there at all.

  3. Look for nose touching and mouth covering. This is widely known to be sign of lying.

  4. Are they giving little or no eye contact? Also another well-known sign of shiftiness.

  5. Have they suddenly started talking faster or slower than normal, or maybe the tension has resulted in a higher-pitched or quavering tone? This could simply be nerves but combined with other warning signs it could be something to look out for.

  6. Finally, pay attention to exaggerated details. Is your candidate telling you too much? Maybe you just have genuine rapport and the candidate feels comfortable around you but beware, too many details may tip you off to the candidate's desperation to get you to believe what is being said.

Be careful. Although it is possible to detect dishonesty and lying through any of these warning signs, it is also possible to misread deception where there is none. A range of factors could be causing a person to appear as if he or she is lying when in reality they may have just let their nerves get the better of them because they want to work for you that much.