Your guide to using social media in your job search

Your guide to using social media in your job search

25 May 12:00 by Elena Joannides

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Social media is only getting bigger, reaching a wider audience everyday. It can be tricky to know how to use it in the best way when it comes to the all important job hunt. This is your guide on the role Social Media can play in your job hunt.

Maybe your recruiter is on Twitter – hint hint I am on twitter as @WallisLynchEJ, tweet me for your recruiting needs and I’ll answer as swiftly as possible. Also on twitter are our Director Claire who is @WallisLynch, and Senior Consultant David Whittle who is on as @WallisLynchDW. We also love to share charitable events we are part of, and a curated selection of our favourite posts and articles online sharing advice on everything from what to wear to your interview, to the most common CV mistakes. Once you've given us a follow on Twitter, it is also a good idea to follow employers that you might be interested in working for on twitter. They are likely to tweet about job opportunities, which will then come up in your 7pm twitter scroll instead of you having to actively search on their separate websites. A step further could be adding these companies to a list on Twitter, so if job hunting is on your mind you can filter out all of your friends tweeting about how excited they are for Glasto ’17.

LinkedIn – The big one for jobs! Check your inMail, if a recruitment consultant has messaged you on LinkedIn, the likelihood is that they have found you through a search and have a job that you might be interested in. Connect with Recruitment Consultants and again, companies who you might like to work in, it registers you own interest and makes it far more likely for consultants to actively contact you, and you are more likely to see any jobs that they have going. Be proactive in messaging Consultants, giving them a nudge once in a while does no harm in reminding them that you’re still looking. Putting ‘seeking new opportunities’ in your LinkedIn bio can aid your job hunt, consultants may put calling/messaging you ahead of other people in their search as they won’t know for sure if other people would be willing to move. Beware that you only do this if you are currently not in employment or if your current company are aware that you are on the lookout for new jobs, otherwise it could be a nasty shock for them!

Putting a shout on your Facebook status that you’re out looking could very well help you out, you never know which friends (or acquaintances as Facebook usually tends to be!) could be your knight in shining armour. They could be hiring themselves, be a recruiter, or be able to share it with someone who could help you! I would be careful on how you word it, it can be frustrating searching for a new job, especially when you are not in one at all. Your vibe attracts your tribe, so stay positive! 

Remember if you are actively looking for that next step in your career, the best way to do it is by being proactive. The more platforms you are searching on, the more likely it is that you will come across that ideal position.