10 realities of office life in a heatwave

10 realities of office life in a heatwave

22 Jun 11:00 by Elena Joannides


Being British, we do not cope well with the heat. With the usual maximum 3 days of sun we get a year, our lives are not built for sun. Yesterday was the hottest day of the year so far and here are the very real 10 realities we faced.

Waking up after approximately 27 minutes sleep because it was JUST TOO HOT.

Taking one look at those 60 denier black tights and just laughing, these pasty pins are going to have to see the light of day.

Arriving at the office and switiching on the air con as soon as humanly possible!

Shedding a little tear that whoever left the office last didn't wash out the milk frother. Mmmm day old milk warmed up by humidity...

Making a gallon of coffee because yes it is hot, but how can you not start the day without caffeine?!

Getting down to business and hoping no one can hear the sweat dripping down your face through the phone.

Heading out for a lunchtime stroll expecting fresh air but instead... 

Ok, back at the desk, this heat will not get to me. I got this!

Arriving home at the end of the long, sweaty day and being asked how your day was...

Waking up the next day, heatwave subsided, a cool breeze is in the air, and life is good once more.