6 things to avoid in your Linked In photo

6 things to avoid in your Linked In photo

11 Jul 08:00 by Elena Joannides


Think about it as if you are sending a photo with your CV, this is the first impression a potential employer might have of you.

The one with the mirror– Using a picture where you have faced your camera to the mirror to take a selfie will make hiring managers think you’re vain AND you don’t know how to turn the camera to your face. Mirror images tend to be distorted, and you might miss any background mess when you take the picture, but the people looking are likely notice the pile of laundry that needs doing in the background, and no one wants to see a mirror that needs cleaning.

The one with the Snapchat filter – It’s just not professional. The golden butterflies around your head might make you look like a beautiful angel but it is not going to help you get that job, and you also probably want the interviewer to recognise you in a face to face situation.

The one with the ‘duck face’ - Another unprofessional one, which could make you come across as vain and narcissistic. Remember how crucial first impressions are and you don’t want a future employer to be put off you before they’ve even met you.

The one with the sunglasses– Eyes are the window to the soul, and this is another case of it being difficult for the hiring manager to recognise you at interview stage.

The one with the group picture – How is anyone supposed to be able to tell which one you are? A picture on LinkedIn where someone who hasn’t met you before will not be able to point you out is not going to do you any favours.

The one with no picture at all – This definitely isn’t the worst of the bunch but it is worth noting that statistics reveal that having a photo on your LinkedIn will get you 21 times more profile views, and 36 times more messages than having no profile photo at all.