7 office catchphrases that will make you roll your eyes

7 office catchphrases that will make you roll your eyes

31 Jul 10:00 by Elena Joannides


Don't get us wrong, we can all be guilty of some of these from time to time but when we hear them being used we do usually pull one of the faces that can be seen below, at least in our heads anyway...

1. Ping it over. You are sending an email, just admit it. 

2. Deep Dive. Looking at something in depth? If you haven't got a scuba mask on, probably best to leave this one out of your vocabulary. Look it up on Urban Dictionary if you want another reason not to use this one...

3. Reach out. It's a no, unless you're giving the office an x-factor winning rendition of Sweet Caroline.

4. Touching base. What base are you touching? Why are you touching it? Have you got the person's permission to touch the base? It's not rounders.

5. Let's circle back to this. Let's not.

6. Put a pin in it. So you'll act upon it later? It's just a way of putting someone off when you don't want to address what they're saying. It's better to be honest. Speaking of being honest...

7. To be honest/Literally. If you are really being honest, or being literal, you won't need to preface what you are saying with either of these phrases.