10 times Love Island exactly got how you felt in your job search

10 times Love Island exactly got how you felt in your job search

07 Jul 09:00 by Elena Joannides


Combining your two favourite things - Love Island and finding your dream job! Get in touch if you want to be as happy as the islanders in number 10 - 02477 678 100

1. When you upload your CV onto CV Library, Reed, Indeed (and every other job site you can think of!) ready for that perfect job to come and find you #buzzing

2. The confidence you feel applying liberally to anything and everything that you like the look of #stickingitonthem

3. Receving your first rejection #muggedoff

4. When it looks likes no-one is ever going to respond to your well thought out cover letter and amazing CV #aggy

5. When a recruiter finally calls you... asking you to take a huge drop in salary for a job that has no relevance to your experience at all #melt

6. When a recruiter calls you up because they like the look of your CV, and they actually sound like they've read it! #eggsinbaskets (#wallislynch)

7. Then they describe your perfect job #yourtypeonpaper

8. And it's right on your doorstep! #wifeymaterial

9. When you are #smashingit in the interview 

10. When your recruiter calls you to tell you that your #grafting has paid off and you got the job!