4 CV Hacks You Need To Read

4 CV Hacks You Need To Read

11 Aug 16:00 by Elena Joannides


It’s always great to give your CV a bit of a refresh when you’re on the job hunt. Here’s some extra tips to give your CV that extra somethin’ somethin’.

1. Order your career history like this:

Date                                                                      Company                                                             Job Title.

This makes for the easiest read and doesn’t make the recruiter work too hard to see where you’ve been and what you’ve done.

2. Keep personal statement short and sweet. It’s great to know what you’re looking for, but we don’t need your life story or a rewritten War and Peace just yet!

3. Got a degree? Great! Include relevant modules from your degree for some extra pizazz.

4. Bold key points that you want to stand out your prospective employer. Got a first class honours? Bold it. ACCA qualified? Bold it. The less work recruiters have to do when reading your CV, the better.

Remember, these are just some extra hacks so make sure you have all the basics in place as well!