Keeping up with the Recruitment Consultants - 101 on how to stay in touch with your Recruiter

Keeping up with the Recruitment Consultants - 101 on how to stay in touch with your Recruiter

24 Aug 11:00 by Elena Joannides


Stuggling with knowing how to keep in touch with your Recruiter? You are so keen to get that new role, and you're trying to bridge the gap between pestering and ghosting. We are here to give you some handy tips.

Be Proactive. If you are looking for a new role, it is ultimately your responsibility. Waiting for the phone to ring is an option but you’ll find your next role much faster if you pick up the phone and get dialling! The main goal of a Recruitment Consultant is to place the best candidates in the jobs that suit them best. So if you are proactive in giving them the call to let them know you are now on the market, interested in a job you have seen them advertise, or to follow up an online application, everyone’s a winner.

Make sure your goals are realistic. You can’t expect Recruitment Consultants to be constantly calling you with new opportunities if you have told them that you only want Part-Time Credit Control roles in Atherstone and you don’t drive, your phone probably isn’t going to be ringing off the hook. There’s nothing wrong with having specific boxes you need ticking, but recruiters are less likely to be able to help you, and calling them up every hour on the hour to check if that moon on a stick has appeared isn’t going to help your cause. Don’t give up hope, you’re perfect role will be out there somewhere.

Keep it professional. Thinking about adding a few kisses on the end of your texts to your recruiter? Best not to. And adding them on Facebook seems a bit intrusive…

Update your CV. Have you gained new experience since you last sent the recruiter your CV? This could be a new qualification, new responsibilities in your current role, or maybe you have just developed your CV in a way you think makes you more employable. Send them your updated CV and you will be refreshed in their memory and they might be able to be more proactive in their search for you, especially if your CV is now applicable for more jobs.


Follow these tips and we are sure it won't be long before that dream job comes knocking at your door!