David Whittle

Senior Consultant

16 years in recruitment, 14 of which specialising in Accounting and Finance across Coventry and Warwickshire. Focussed primarily on the permanent recruitment desk with the occasional time spent on temp/interim positions.

Loves: Being a Dad, away from work I’m a father to 3 amazing children who inspire me every day to be a better person, (as well as testing my patience at times). I’m also a life-long Sheffield Wednesday fan so very used to the rollercoaster of emotions that the recruitment industry throws at you. 

Weakness: Tend to try to please everyone all of the time, can be too nice at times.

Worst day in recruitment: Having an emergency call to return to the office late on a Friday night to break a panicked Claire out of the toilet in the ladies. I ended up having to kick the door down after about half an hour of listening to her claustrophobic induced dramatics on the other side of the very thick door!

Best feature: Ability to remain calm and focussed in the face of adversity (Put to great test in the point above!).

Worst feature:  My cheesy office jokes.